Pastor Richard Horton
Support Pastor: Arthur Symes

Elder: Gwen Chapman, Dennyse McQueen

Secretary: Pauline Truman

Treasurer: Kaye Poole

Deacons:  Lorraine Thorp


Mission Statement

Our Mission at Shepparton Baptist Church is to:

Glorify God and make disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ. Through a personal commitment to Christ, we aim to:

our life in God, through coming together for woship, personal devotion and prayer and continual awareness and response to God’s Presence.
personal growth in Christ through the study of God’s Word, personal application of Biblical principles, Christians modelling the character of Christ and making disciples who in turn make disciples.


about one another in Christ through Mutual care and encouragement, recognition, development and use of the gifts of the Holy Spirit by every believer and service and sacrifice to meet each other’s needs.


Christ to the world through developing relationships with unbelievers to bring them into God’s family, recognising the needs of our community and the application of our resources to meet those needs.